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Our exclusive ASIA GARDENS GIFT CARDS are redeemable for stays and bookings for many other Asia Gardens experiences, such as unforgettable dinners; nights of cocktails and jazz, sushi and champagne; exclusive stilt houses in infinity pools; relaxing traditional massages at dusk; pleasant walks through tropical gardens overlooking the sea…

Why choose when you can give everything.
Redeemable for hotel stays, restaurant meals, Thai Spa treatments and
many other experiences at Asia Gardens.


To activate your Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa Gift Card, please follow these instructions:


 ·Call the Bookings department of Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa on the telephone 966 818 403.

 ·Valid for telephone bookings. Not valid for bookings made through travel agencies, web or third parties. For online enquiries, please, contact us at

  ·The Card balance may be used for hotel stays, and also allows you to book restaurant services, Thai Spa, etc.

  ·You may redeem your Gift Card for hotel stays. Valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

·The Card balance must be redeemed during a single stay at Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa. The Card balance may be used for partial payment of a hotel stay and hotel services.

  ·Provide your Card code when making a booking. You can find it on the left lower corner of the back of your Card.

·Don’t forget to keep your Card until you arrive at the hotel. You will need to show your Asia Garden Hotel & Thai Spa Gift Card at Check-In.

·The Gift Card expire within one year of purchase. When expired, the card cannot be renewed or used in future bookings, and the balance of the unused card will not be refunded.

·The gift card is subject to the hotel conditions (rates and minimum stays) at the time of formalizing the reservation.

·When you purchase something from another country you act as an importer of the product. As customs policies vary from country to country, we recommend that you contact the corresponding customs office to inform yourself of the import restrictions that apply to specific products. Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa shall not be responsible for returns.

·Gift cards cannot be exchanged, returned and/or refunded once purchased.

·Being in possession of the card does not entitle the purchaser or any third party to use it or its contents for advertising, marketing, or promotional purposes (including contests, gifts and/or giveaways) associated with the person who is in possession of the card or a third party. These activities will be traced online for the purposes of determining liability.


To purchase an Asia Gardens Gift Card please CLICK HERE
If you need advice on your purchase please call: +34 966 818 403.
We hope to see you soon at Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa.