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Benidorm-Finestrat Area

Benidorm-Finestrat Area

The exclusive Microclimate of the area where Hotel Asia Gardens is located guarantees the privilege of stable, warm temperatures all year round, even in winter.

The location of Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa enjoys, according to the World Health Organisation, one of the healthiest climates in the world. 


Hotel Asia Gardens is strategically situated between the Sierra Cortina range and the imposing bulk of the mountain known as Puig Campana to the north and the waters of Mediterranean to the South. Protected by this extraordinary geography, Hotel Asia Gardens receives only very occasional rainfall. Furthermore, the weather in the area around Hotel Asia Gardens is usually considerably better than the general forecast. Benidorm-Finestrat is a “microzone” enjoying especially favourable climatic conditions within the much wider area referred in the weather forecasts provided by the Spanish meteorological service. There is usually no specific forecast for this very small area.

The average annual temperature in the microclimate zone where Hotel Asia Gardens is located (Benidorm-Finestrat) is 22º C. Summer is not too hot, and autumn, winter and spring are among the warmest in southern Europe with maximum daytime temperatures close to those of the Canary Islands with a variation of just 1 or 2 degrees.


Hotel Asia Gardens receives an average of 8 hours’ cloud-free sunshine every day over the year, making it one of the sunniest spots in the whole of the Mediterranean.

The combination of year-round sunshine, pleasant daily temperatures and relatively low humidity of the Benidorm-Finestrat area has earned this unique Mediterranean microclimate well-deserved fame.



The afternoons are short in winter and the sun goes down earlier. The day begins early, and visitors may enjoy the sunlight from the dawn, and throughout the morning and mid-afternoon.

Though the days are shorter, maximum daytime temperatures are very similar to the Canary Islands, especially between 10 a.m. and around 4.30 p.m., and it is only at nighttime when the sun is gone that they fall much.

The slanting rays of the sun in wintertime mean that the light is less harsh and bright than in summer and autumn, and it lends a special intensity and hue to the colours of vegetation and the sea. It is at this time that plants are greenest, and the sea turns a deep azure, a true “sea blue”.

Winter is a season of beauty in the Benidorm-Finestrat district, just at the time that the cold and freezing temperatures bite in the rest of the Continent. In this privilege spot, however, the visitor can sunbathe quite happily in a swimsuit or light clothes but without needing a sunshade like in other seasons. When the sun shines and there is no breeze, visitors to the Hotel Asia Gardens can enjoy a relaxing open-air swim throughout the winter in one of the three climate controlled pools.

Winter is the ideal time to enjoy the peace and quiet, and to find oneself in any of the Hotel’s marvellous outdoor spaces surrounded by natural beauty.


The spring is when new buds appear on the leafy vegetation that has accompanied us through the preceding months and the flowers of the season bloom. The springtime explosion of colour and sweet odours fills and brightens the outdoor areas at Hotel Asia Gardens until the end of summer and the coming of autumn.

Spring temperatures are warm and gentle in the daytime, dropping subtly at night. Rainfall is very low in this microclimate, as it is in the rest of the year, with only a few days on which precipitation is likely.

The privileged climate of this area means that the gardens at Asia Gardens can be kept with very little difference throughout the four seasons, despite the presence of numerous species of tropical plants. (The Four Seasons).


Daytime and nighttime temperatures hardly differ in the summertime, offering a pleasant balance which invites guests to enjoy the outdoor areas of the Hotel long into the night.

Thanks to the large volume of water from Hotel Asia Gardens’ seven swimming pools, the ornamental pools and fountains, the presence of abundant vegetation and the proximity of the sea, the ambient temperature at the Hotel in summer is on average 10º C lower than in the rest of the Benidorm-Finestrat microclimate. This drop in temperature is appreciable both in the daytime and at night.


Hotel Asia Gardens retains the characteristic intense green of its vegetation from the beginning to the end of the autumn. Plants keep their best colours and the vegetation is just as strong and dense as in spring and summer. The temperature is a little lower at night, while the average maximum daytime temperature is around 24º C.

Sunbathing is possible for the first half of autumn, and even longer, by switching from the pool side to shaded solariums. A pleasant swim can also be enjoyed in the autumn in any of the Hotel’s climatized swimming pools, which are kept at 30º C all year round. (The Four Seasons).

January Cool
February Cool/mild
March Cool/mild
April Mild
May Moderate/warm
June Warm/mild
July Warm/mild
August Warm/mild
September Warm/mild
October Moderate/warm
November Mild
December Cool/mild
Benidorm´s climate Average temperatures (Cº)
January 15,8
February 16,1
March 16,9
April 18,2
May 19,8
June 21,7
July 23,7
August 24,4
September 21,9
October 18,8
November 17,1
December 16,2
ANUAL 19,2 Fuente: The Weather Channel