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Important information: COVID PASSPORT

Do I need a COVID Passport (COVID Certificate) if I want to stay in Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa?

In view of the fact that the situation is constantly changing and varies depending on your country of origin, we suggest that you refer to the European Union Website in order to obtain the very latest information about the conditions for entering Spain.

Regardless of the conditions required to enter Spanish territory, as from 3rd December 2021, presenting the COVID Passport will be a prerequisite to staying at Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa.

When will it come into force?

The COVID Passport will come into force in the Autonomous Region of Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana) as from 3rd December.

Who will need a COVID Certificate or COVID Passport to access Asia Gardens?

All guests over 12 years’ old, and they must present their COVID Passport before accessing Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa.

What is the COVID Passport that I need to be able to stay in Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa?

According to the information made available by the Valencia Regional Government (Generalitat Valencia) on the date this page was published, the COVID Passport is a document containing the certificate that indicates complete vaccination against the coronavirus, or the presentation of a certificate showing that a diagnosis test has proved negative (PCR Test or Antigen Test) or a certificate indicating that the person suffered from COVID-19 in the past and has now fully recovered (Recovery Certificate).

How can I obtain the COVID Passport?

The three ways of obtaining the COVID Passport:

Where can I obtain it?

The European Certificate is a safe, secure and document that is free of charge. It can either be obtained via the Regional Health Ministry (Conselleria de Sanidad) website or by making an appointment to collect it personally from Local Health Centres.

The user has to go to the following link to arrange for the digital COVID Certificate from the European Union.

To obtain the COVID Passport online in the Autonomous Region of Valencia (Comunidad Valenciana) the user has to access the following link


We are making available to you the option of receiving a COVID Test before you book into your hotel at the IMED LEVANTE Medical Centre.

PCR 110 € / Antigen Test 40 €.

Make your appointment here

To obtain any further information about the COVID Passport, including the latest updates, we suggest you refer to the official website of the European Union (EU) Digital COVID Certificate | European Commission (


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